• Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®

Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® is the next generation of body sculpting and fat loss/reduction

3 in 1 effect, and the results are immediately visible and long lasting:

  • Fat


  • Skin Laxity

    Skin Laxity

  • Cellulite


About Body Sculpting with ONDA®

Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® is the next generation of body sculpting and fat loss/reduction. Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® is a non invasive treatment that reduces localised fat cells whilst tightening and remodelling the skin, firming up that will last over time.

Treatment Summary

  • Number of Treatments

    For the best results, we recommend 4 treatments per 15cmx15cm zone
  • Procedure Time

    10 minutes per 15cmx15cm zone (eg. 4 zones = 40 minutes)
  • Recovery Time

    No downtime! You are able to return to your normal daily routine or activities immediately.
  • Results

    Within 4 weeks of first session: the area of fat becomes smaller, areas of cellulite become smoother and skin laxity is improved. Maximal results are achieved after the 4 sessions are complete (16 weeks total). Results are permanent when a healthy diet and lifestyle are maintained.
  • Pricing

    1 zone $250
    5 zones $1,125 ($225 per zone)
    10 zones $2,000 ($200 per zone)
    Prices incl. GST

The Science

How Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® works

Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® is the first device of its kind. It utilises an energy source that can simultaneously target fat, cellulite and lax skin. Yes, microwaves have been used in medicine for a long time, but the difference with the microwaves used in the Onda® device are their frequency: at 2.45GHz the skin is almost “transparent”, allowing the easy passage of energy which is then specifically concentrated in the sub-dermal fat layer. In this way, the upper layers of the skin are protected from unwanted heating and actually stay comfortably cool. For this reason, the microwaves Onda® works with, are called Coolwaves®.

Once the energy waves reach the fat cells, they produce painless but irreversible damage to the cell membranes. This causes leakage of fat from the cells into the interstitial space, where both the fat and the debris from the damaged membranes are cleaned up by the body’s inflammatory healing cells and taken away via the lymphatic system.

How is Elucell™ body sculpting with ONDA® different from radiofrequency (RF)?

Compared to Radiofrequency devices, Onda® is able to deliver the majority of the Coolwaves® directly through the skin into the layer where the fat cells are located. Since Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® device delivers a more effective treatment, fewer treatment sessions are needed to see results.

The results seen with radiofrequency devices are typically not long-lasting (transient). With Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®, we are specifically destroying a proportion of the fat cells, so results tend to be much longer lasting and in some cases may be permanent.

How does Elucell™ body sculpting with ONDA® effect fat?

Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® uses Coolwaves® which has a targeted action on the adipose (fat) tissue that produces the following effects:

  • By heating the fat cells (adipocytes) it modifies their metabolism and affects the integrity of their outer membranes.
  • The adipocytes then release a quantity of lipid (fat) through a mechanism called “blebbing”. Some blebs are formed along the outer membrane of the adipocyte and fat literally leaks out of these blebs.
  • Blebbing gets so intense that the adipocyte membrane loses structural integrity. The cell membrane ruptures, and the fat cell is destroyed (“adipocytolysis” or “lipolysis”).
  • The droplets of fat that are poured into the interstitial space between the cells, stimulates an influx of inflammatory cells (macrophages) from the blood. These macrophages have the task of “cleaning up” by engulfing the free fat and any other cellular debris. It is helpful to think of the macrophages as little garbage Pac-men, chomping up the waste.
  • Once they have cleared the area of excess free fat, the macrophages migrate into the lymphatic system and are drained away. This is how the fat is eliminated from the body.

How does Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® effect cellulite?

The area underneath the skin, particularly in the female thigh area, consists of small sections of fat lobules which are separated by parallel fibrous walls (septa). Cellulite occurs when there is a build-up of fat in these sections, and water retention around them (in the dermis and hypodermis). This increases the volume of each section, causing the walls of each section (the septa) to be compressed from within. Because these walls are attached to the dermis (anchor points) they pull at the skin surface, while the fat cells are pushing outwards towards the dermis. The result is a skin surface that takes on a bumpy, ‘orange-peel’ appearance.

For this type of cellulite, Elucell™ Body Sculpting with Onda® can act in two ways:

  • Through a direct action on the collagen septa, in particular in the upper part towards the dermis, nearby the anchor points. As the septa (which, due to cellulite, are fibrotic and therefore less elastic) get softened by the Coolwaves®, they are regenerated with new and more elastic fibres of collagen. The final result is a visible improvement of the orange peel appearance and also the “constriction” within the fat lobule itself.
  • Through reducing the volume of adipocytes, with a targeted action on them (see previous section).The total volume of the lobules gets reduced, with a consequent lower traction on the anchor points of the septa. With the reduction in fat volume, there is less outward pressure on the skin, leading to an improved microcirculation, better lymphatic drainage and therefore less water retention.

How does Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® tighten skin?

The heat produced by the Coolwaves® causes an immediate shrinkage of the collagen fibres in the lower dermis, with a consequent tightening. The final effect is an improvement of skin laxity.

Are the Coolwaves® used in the Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® safe?

People are often concerned about whether microwaves are safe. Differently from a microwave oven, the microwaves emitted by Onda® emission are highly controlled. The microwaves from Onda® are not free-range; they are both emitted and return back to the specially designed, patent-pending handpiece. This allows us to have a very precise depth of action, and to avoid any random, uncontrolled transmission in the body. No organs or tissues other than the target fat and lower skin layers are touched by the microwaves. This makes Elucell™ Body Sculpting with Onda® a very safe treatment.

In addition, the handpieces work only when they are in contact with the skin. Therefore, if the handpiece is not in full contact, it will stop emitting, ensuring complete control of the energy delivery.

The Treatment

What areas can be treated with Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®?

Treatment with Elucell™ Body Sculpting with Onda® is particularly effective on stubborn areas of fat on the stomach, love handles, thighs, saddlebags, back and upper arms. We can also target cellulite and skin laxity on the thighs, buttocks and arms.

Is the Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® painful?

Unlike other treatment regimes that can be painful, uncomfortable or downright hard work, Elucell™ Body Sculpting with Onda® has absolutely no down time and is a completely pain free procedure. After treatment, you may have some mild redness and tenderness at the site but there is absolutely no downtime associated with this procedure. Most people feel a gentle warmth under the skin with a feeling of coolness on the skin itself. The treated area remains warm for only a few hours afterwards.

How long does the Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® treatment take?

Each treatment covers a 15x15cm area and takes approximately 10-15 minutes. It is possible to have multiple (up to 8) areas treated in each session. Please ensure you speak to our friendly and experienced staff if you wish to treat multiple areas so we can allow enough treatment time.

Are there any side effects from the Coowaves® in Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®?

Mild side effects including itching, numbness, hardness, warmth, tenderness, redness and swelling. Less commonly, it is possible to develop mild bruising, nodules or blisters at the treatment area, which are usually does not last long and is resolved within a few days from the treatment.

Studies have shown no significant alteration to the circulating lipid levels in the blood. See the published white paper “Results on Subdermal Fat Tissue Reduction Using a Novel Microwave Based Body Contouring System”, P.Bonan et al. – Oct 2018

Find out more about Coolwaves®.

Are there any contraindications with Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®?

Unfortunately, people with the following conditions are unlikely to be suitable for treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Heart failure
  • Metal implants or pacemakers
  • Severe clotting disorders
  • Current or recent cancer
  • Severe vascular disease
  • Skin disease in the treatment area
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Age

Will Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®? help me lose weight?

We wish we could tell you it was that easy! Elucell™ Body Sculpting with Onda® treatments are designed for localised areas of stubborn fat and cellulite in people whose BMI is less than 30. Unfortunately, it is not a weight-loss treatment. It can however be used in conjunction with your healthy diet and exercise plan to optimise results.

Are there any pre treatment instructions?

To get the best results from your Elucell™ Body Sculpting with Onda® treatment, we advise that you avoid any moisturiser on the treatment area for 48 hours prior to each session. If the skin is dry, it allows for easier passage of the Coolwaves® through to the target subdermal fat layer. To assist with lymphatic drainage, you should drink an additional litre of water per day on your treatment day, and on the day before and after treatment.

How many Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® will I need?

The recommended number of treatments to see a long-lasting result is 4, although it is possible to have more than this if needed.

Speak to our friendly and experienced staff about our package deals to help you get the best results and save money!

How often should I get Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA®? treatments?

We recommend Elucell™ Body Sculpting with ONDA® treatments be spaced 4 weeks apart for fat reduction, and 3-4 weeks apart for treatment of cellulite. This break of time is needed to allow the lymphatic system to drain away the free fat and cellular debris that has been produced in the treatment area. Increasing the frequency of treatments is unlikely to lead to a better or quicker result.

When will I see results?

For some patients, results are visible from the 1st session. However, it is more usual to start to see results after the 2nd or 3rd session.

*This body sculpting treatment is not a weight loss therapy, but is designed for adults with excess stubborn areas of fat, with loose skin or with resistant cellulite.

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